Urolift Side Effects and Complications

Image of the urolift procedureUrolift is a ground breaking surgical procedure and one of the latest BPH treatments available to patients.

Many BPH sufferers are attracted to this procedure and need to be educated regarding Urolift complications and side effects.

It is a procedure that has clearance from the FDA.

However, Urolift isn’t the only surgical procedure for an enlarged prostate.

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There are several other procedures including TURP, Greenlight and Laser Treatment.

Regardless of the success rates, most surgical procedures naturally come with potential side effects and complications.

Most surgeries will require recovery and healing time.

The side effects of the Urolift procedure are in most cases temporary and usually last up to two weeks or less.

Urolift patients can expect to have some of the following side effects after the procedure:

  • incontinenceBlood in urine
  • Burning sensation when urinating
  • Urinating more often
  • Incontinence
  • Urgent need to urinate

Most of the side effects above will last up to 14 days.

A small percentage of Urolift patients, (around 1%) experience those side effects for a much longer period.

Another small percentage of patients can still have the following side effects 12 months after the initial surgery:

  • Pelvic discomfort
  • Bladder spasms
  • Incontinence
  • Blood in the urine

In most of these cases the side effects are mild and short lived.

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Possible Urolift Complications

There are cases however, that require the removal of the Urolift supports. On occasions these stents can protrude into the bladder and increase the risk of infection.

This protrusion can also increase the risk of bladder encrustation (stones) which will also require the removal of the stents.

As with any procedure involving the uretha, there is an increased risk of UTI.

On the positive side, Urolift can actually improve the sexual function in men, which is unique only to the Urolift procedure.

The tools used urolift procedureThere are’t at this stage any reports of increased risk of bladder cancer as a result of the urolift surgical procedure.

There also seems to be many conflicting reports comparing the effectiveness of Urolift Vs Turp.

Some reports suggest that urinary flow is improved more so by Urolift while other reports suggest the opposite.

There is no conclusive evidence at this stage that backs up either of these claims.

Urolift seems to be the best procedure in terms of a short recovery time with patients missing 3 days off work on average and resuming their normal activities in less than 7 days.

When looking for an effective treatment you should always consult your doctor or urologist.

They will be able to carry out specific tests to determine which procedure or treatment will be the most effective for your unique situation.

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