Complaints Concerning Super Beta Prostate

prostate screeningAre there lots of Super Beta Prostate complaints?

No matter what the subject is … you’re always going to find contradicting opinions.

Is this a supplement that can help you?

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It’s impossible to find any product with a 5-star rating for all reviews.

And if there was one, I’d be a little suspicious.

This post will provide you with reviews on the male supplement Super Beta Prostate – both the positive and the negative.

Super Beta Prostate Complaints and Reviews

Review by Larry Schindleron (March 5, 2014)

Previously, I would purchase Super Beta Prostate directly from the manufacturer, but to avoid any auto-order hooks I began buying a single bottle at a time elsewhere. SBP really works for me to the point where I have only one visit to the bathroom per night; in fact, some nights I don’t need to rise at all dependent on my evening fluid consumption. 

I have realised that the recommended dosage of two pills per day does not work as well as taking one in the morning with my vitamins. An additional benefit to SBP is the reduced cost; in fact, it’s been reduced by 50%!! Ultimately, I am saying that by following the instructions you will more than likely experience some results.

If you do not, or you find only minimal positive results, it may be worthwhile relooking the dosage and trying a reduced dosage before giving up hope. There is no magic cure for anyone but I am nearly 66 years old and am reasonably pleased with my SBP treatment. I scored 4 stars because other individuals insist that the supplement has no effect whatsoever.

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Review by Bychip T. (April 6, 2011)

prostate cancer riskI have been using SBP for approximately four months and I am very pleased! Only one week after beginning dosages, I experienced extremely effective results reducing my need to use the bathroom from 3-4 times per night to only once per night. Unfortunately, I have noticed that the effects have started waning as I continue using the item being on my fourth bottle now. In fact, I began noticing this once I started using my second bottle.

I wonder if the first bottle, which was a free promotional offer, contained a higher dose of the primary ingredient and the subsequent purchases were “dosed down”? So, despite being happy with my initial results, I am considering another form of treatment. The manufacturers insist that all bottles contain the same dosage of all ingredients; however, SOMETHING has altered.

I have contacted a company rep, but he was more interested in persuading me to commit to a prolonged monthly purchase to “save me money”. I am searching the Internet for something else.

Review by Craig P. (January 12, 2016)

I was rather skeptical after reviewing the majority of comments on Super Beta Prostate online; however, other sites have numerous positive reviews on SBP and I thought it would be worth a try. While I do not have any BPH-related problems I have been diagnosed with a bacterial condition known as prostititus, and I’m only 35.

This condition causes me to urinate more frequently, but I would experience a burning sensation when urinating. The tip of my penis would be the primary area of this burning sensation
and this would persist for approximately one hour after urinating.

Getting the diagnosisMy urologist prescribed certain antibiotics which I used for three months and it was effective during the first month, but the symptoms soon returned although not as severe as before. I would notice that if I drank water, the burning sensation would be milder than before.

I chose to use SBP in hope of relief and I was pleasantly surprised in that there was a huge difference in symptoms after the first day. I drink coffee on a regular basis and my urine remains clear. I am not experiencing any burning during or after urination, so I’m very pleased. This is a positive review, but I will update it if any symptoms return; however, as of now, I would definitely recommend SBP. For only $20 it is definite value for money if the symptoms stay away.

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