Onion as a Home Remedy for Prostate Enlargement

Although there is data out there that shows a positive impact on BPH when consuming a diet high in fruits and vegetables, there is not specific correlation.

An Italian study was conducted to test the effectiveness of garlic and onion in reducing the symptoms of BPH. 

The study found that the men that had BPH ate significantly less garlic and onions as the men without the condition.

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Garlic and Onion for BPH

The study was concluded as weak because many other factors weren’t taken into consideration.

Factors such as the type of onion/garlic used and other dietary factors were not monitored in the study.

It can be suggested that regular consumption of onions and garlic can help prevent conditions such as BPH.

A study conducted by the Pritikin foundation found that a men who consumed a diet that consisted mostly of plants experienced a reduction in their prostate cell growth over time.

Flaxseeds can also help to reduce BPH symptoms without having to experience the side effects of BPH medications such as Flomax and Cialis.

Eating garlic and onions can help to prevent against BPH and other prostate conditions.

An increasing amount of research data is finding its way into public view that suggests that a diet high in animal protein is responsible for many of the worlds most fatal diseases.

The consumption of dairy is being linked to the growth of tissue gland sensitive tumors located in the prostate and the breast.

The consumption of garlic and onion is not likely to cause any adverse effects although others may complain of the smell of your breath.

As far as nutrition is concerned, more and more research is concluding that a diet free from animal products is better for your health long term.

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