How to Shrink the Prostate Without Drugs

Symptoms of an Enlarged ProstateMen that are over the age of 40 are at risk of having an enlarged prostate.

For some men this growth or enlargement causes no issues.

For others it can severely affect the quality of their life.

We’ll take a look at some of the natural solutions on how to shrink the prostate without drugs.

BPH has many symptoms that are painful, frustrating and embarrassing.

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Standing in the restroom waiting to pee whilst other men beside you look at you funny is no laughing matter.

In fact the added anxiety often makes it even harder to go.

Another embarrassing symptom of an enlarged prostate is dribbling after urination.

Having a wet patch on your pants when you’re out in public can make the most confident man self consciousness.

If you have been diagnosed with BPH and you’re experiencing the many debilitating symptoms, then there are a number of drug free solutions that can help you.

Dribbling after urinatingThere are situations when drugs and surgery are necessary but they do come with additional side-effects and potential complications.

Drug companies unfortunately make billions of dollars from products and most can do more damage than the condition then are supposed to be treating.

Its no secret that these medicines are created in laboratories and are chemical based.

Chemicals are not recognised as natural to the human body. To the body these chemicals are like foreign invaders.

Many chemical based medicines are very good at masking the symptoms but not actually treating the cause.

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There is plenty of research that suggests that unwanted toxins in the body can cause obesity and also increase the risk of cancer.

Natural remedies on the other hand are recognized and dealt with properly as the body can easily detect natural substances.

Its possible when taking medical drugs for the prostate to continue to grow even though the symptoms are less visible.

Unfortunately this inevitably leads to surgery being the only option.

Typical surgical procedures are:

  • TURP
  • TUIP
  • HoLEP
  • Green Light PV

Reported complications from surgery are:

    • Fertility issues
    • Incontenance
    • Erectile Dysfunction

So lets take a look at nature’s prescribed solutions.

Saw Palmetto

This is a common natural ingredient found in most of the natural remedies available today.

The berry of the plant is used and its also known as ‘Serenoa Reopens’.

The berries of this plant have been used for hundreds of years by American Indians for treating issues associated with the prostate.

Saw Palmetto stops testosterone from converting into DHT which causes increased growth in prostate cells.

It does this without any side effects.

It should be made clear that Saw Palmetto is not a quick fix but rather part of a long term health plan.

pygeum for shrinking prostatePygeum

Another one of nature’s miracles!

In many cases, a particular herb on its own, is not as effective as combing it with another.

Saw Palmetto and Pyegeum are a combination that is very effective in treating BPH.

This combination of herbs to make more of a potent concoction is used in Chinese medicine.

Add zinc to this herbal mix and you probably have the strongest herbal remedy for treating the effects of an enlarged prostate without any harmful side effects.

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