Cure Prostatitis In 60 Days – Recommendations

Do you feel pain when urinating? This doesn’t happen normally. In most cases, it’s a sign that you have prostatitis.

This is a medical condition caused by an inflamed prostate gland. Due to inflammation, patients suffer from pain every time they urinate. In some cases, it also becomes difficult to pass urine.

There are four types of prostatits, the two most common are caused by bacterial infection. What’s great is that it’s possible to experience relief fairly quickly once you know how to cure prostatitis in 60 days if you use the right treatment and seek medical help immediately.

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There are many prescription drugs designed to help people with an enlarged prostate. But before you pop the pill, you might want to consider looking at natural options first.

Treating the condition Prostatitis

There are plenty of natural remedies that can help with pain management. The most common is stinging nettle. This herb helps control inflammation, making it more comfortable to urinate. You can find stinging nettle in capsule form, but you can also consume it as a tea.

Essential fatty acids are also helpful for treating this condition. If you’re looking for something rich in essential fatty acids, then look no further than flax seeds. They have potent anti-inflammatory properties. Be sure to add flax seeds in your diet. An easy way to do so is to eat salads, cereals, and porridge.

You will also want to get more Vitamin D. This doesn’t mean exposing yourself under the intense rays of the sun. You can’t find a lot of food sources with a healthy dose of Vitamin D, so you may want to consider supplementation.

There are a lot of prostate health supplements on the market, most of which contain Vitamin D as a primary ingredient. Be careful when using supplements, however, especially those that do not fully disclose their ingredients list.

Stinging nettle tea, a good recommended remedy for prostatitisPrescription drugs are also helpful if you want quicker relief. Be sure to work closely with your urologist to ensure you’re taking the right medications and the proper dosage. Remember, though, that these drugs often lead to side effects.

Another way to treat prostatis is to try prostate massage. This involves massaging the perineum area, which is found between the scrotum and the rectum. If you’re familiar with prostate exercises, then adding massage to your routine can double the benefits. You can choose between external and internal massage. Most males feel more comfortable with external massage, but internal massage has been proven to be a better form of stimulation.

>>> Prostate Massage for Optimal Prostate Health

There’s no reason not to try all of these tips. Doing so can be just what you need to cure prostatitis in 60 days. If you stay consistent, you might just find that you’re sleeping better at night because you do not always feel as if you need to urinate.

More importantly, you will improve your prostate health, minimizing the risk of urinary tract infection and even cancer. Just remember to talk to your doctor to ensure that you’re not taking anything that might harm your health and that you’re doing prostate massage correctly.

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