What Are The Experiences of Others? – Urolift Reviewed

BPH treatmentsIf you’re suffering from BPH then you’re probably fed up with the same old solutions popping up in  your face.

  • Surgery such as TURP with it’s potential complications.
  • Medications that cause more issues than they actually solve.
  • Finding the right natural remedy that actually works.

Up until now, those were the basic treatments available to BPH patients.

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Now there’s a new treatment on the block!

Its called ‘Urolift’ and in this instalment we’re going to examine the reviews of Urolift.

I’m guessing that by now you already have some idea of how this procedure works.

Chances are you’ve spent hours reading about it and figuring our of its a procedure you want to go through with.

One of the best ways to help make your mind up, is to understand the opinions of others.

What was the procedure like?

Did it hurt?

does the urolift procedure hurtDoes it really work?

How long until it works?

How much did it cost?

Are there any Urolift reviews from patients that have had it?

I’m sure there are many questions swimming around your head.

In this post I hope to convey some of those opinions to you so the you are better informed to make a decision.

The Urolift procedure claims to be a safe one but any treatment or procedure comes with some risk even if that risk is minimal.

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A study was conducted over 36 months involving Urolift patients.

Under 10% of study participants experienced any actual side-effects.

In some cases Urolift implants will need to be removed if they cause any infection.

Antibiotics are given post procedure to help keep infection risks to a minimum.

Any procedure that touches the uretha directly risks causing infection.

Even fewer cases have reported incidents when Urolift has protruded into the bladder and the implants had to be removed.

It does take time for things to get back to normal.

Any procedure that requires internal implants will usually cause some discomfort and some mild bleeding.

Don’t be alarmed if small traces of blood are seen when urinating.

Other urination difficulties maybe experienced but these symptoms usually only last for one to two weeks.

Diagram of How UroLift WorksLong terms side effects and symptoms are rare with the implants being removed in a small number of cases for reasons such as infection or bladder profusion as described above.

It is important to be aware of all these factors before making a decision.

Side-effects arising from Urolift are minimal and usually temporary, allowing this new procedure to become increasingly popular.

The goal of Urolift is to relieve the symptoms for BPH sufferers but in some cases TURP or Laser surgery may prove more effective.

A consultation with your Doctor or Urologist will determine the most safest and effective route for your individual situation.

Urolift does have FDA clearance, however not all insurance companies will cover the costs as they still view this procedure as experimental.

If Urolift continues to gain popularity then this may change at some point in the future.

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