What are the Costs Involved for the Urolift Procedure?

urolift procedure priceThere are 2 parts that should be considered when determining the Urolift cost for the procedure. The 1st part is regarding the professional fee that the urologist with charge to perform the procedure.

When an Urolift procedure will be performed in an Doctor’s office setting, the charges will generally include nursing costs, facility costs and the supply costs which are used to conduct the procedure.

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When an Urolift procedure is conducted in a surgical center or hospital, an additional separate fee will be charged for the anesthesia and the use of the facility. It is a lot less expensive to have this type of procedure performed under a local anesthesia in a Doctor’s office.

The second cost consideration has to do with the costs of the actual Urolift implants. Typically the patient will require between 4 to 6 Urolift implants. In some cases a patient may need more Urolift implants to achieve an adequate benefit from the procedure. Each implant is costly with an average $900 for every implant.

Flat Fees For Urolift Procedures

If you have been offered a fixed-price for this procedure, chances are that you haven’t been offer the best price. You need to understand the amount of implants that are included within this price and what will happen if your require more to achieve the best results.

The Overall Cost Of A Urolift Procedure

The overall costs involved in a Urolift procedure should also be inclusive of the cost involved for the evaluation. Any patient that has an interest in having this procedure done will require a cytoscopy in their doctor’s office to determine if they are a suitable candidate. In some cases an urodynamic test will also be a necessity.

How the Costs of a Urolift Procedure Compare to Using Medications for Treating An Enlarged Prostate

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The typical medications used for an Enlarged prostate or BPH are Rapaflo or Flomax which are in most cases used with a combination of medications like Proscar.

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The general out-of-pocket prices for these medications average around $150 to $200 a month of $1,800 to $2,400 a year. Over a period of 5 years these costs can amount to over $10,000. For patients that have insurance and use a co-pay of $20 for each prescription for each month. Over a period of 5 years the costs involved could range from $1,000 to $2,400.

Making It Affordable With Urolift For BPH

Urolift procedures offer a comparatively great investment when compared to medical treatments. In addition, financing options are usually available.

Insurance Coverage For Urolift Procedures

Medicare along with a variety of other types of insurance will cover costs involved in an Urolift procedure. If you happen to be interested in the Urolift procedure, you will first need to schedule your evaluation. If your doctor finds that you are a suitable candidate for the procedure your Doctor will request a determination of coverage from the insurance providers that you use.

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