Is Prosvent A Scam?

scam alertProsvent … is it a scam?

Read on to find out …

If you’re looking for negative reviews of Prosvent, then the good news is, you’ll find many.

It’s sad that there are companies out there providing useless solutions to men our age, with our conditions, in order to make a profit.

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Prosvent Scam Complaint

I saw an advertisement on television in February of 2015. While I normally ignore that type of thing, I was already actively seeking something like this for my husband.

We have a limited income, so we have to stay within our budget.

I visited the webpage that night and saw the product for $34.95 plus shipping and handling. I decided to give it a try.

I did not want a recurring order. I filled out the form, and instead of processing right away I was encouraged to add more things to my order.

It was obvious to me that this company was motivated by money. As a result, I erased all of the information I had input and logged off the site.

I did not receive an email letting me know that my order was confirmed or being processed. I did not receive a receipt or any indication of the time when the product would be sent. As a matter of fact, I never even got a thank you. NOTHING AT ALL. NOT ON THE ACTUAL WEBSITE OR IN MY EMAIL.

A month later I received an email that thanked me for my order. The number and email for Prosvent customer service was included.

There was no other type of confirmation received that stated the amount I had been charged.

unhappy customerI called customer service and I was told twice that the representative was having trouble with her computer. At this point, she let me know that I had completed my order in it’s entirety, which I had not.

I was also informed that my card was charged $79.84. I told her that I wanted the charges reversed and tried explaining the situation, but she constantly interrupted me.

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When I requested an ID, a receipt and a confirmation number, I was told that they do not provide these things.

I told her that I always receive these from other companies when I place online orders so I can contact them in case I want to cancel.

The money was taken from my account earlier that morning and it was in a pending status. She told me the best thing to do would be to wait until the product arrived then return it for a refund. 

It is crazy how the site says that there is a 30-day guarantee or all money would be returned to the customer.

All I wanted was to help my husband and I got stuck with this huge expense.

Friday is my birthday and we will be unable to go out and celebrate since they took more money from me than I expected.

On top of that, I have to explain the missing money to my husband.

I am very angry and I am tired of people who scam and take advantage of others.
Joanne Wootton.

Here is a positive review from a customer who was pleased with their Prosvent order.

Amazon Customer ReviewsProsvent Scam: Positive Review

Do not be fooled. The negative reviews that you see are from people associated with pharmaceutical companies.

They are furious because they lose money when people find natural ways to get the help they need. I have been using this for years. While it is a little expensive, it is less than you would be charged for prescription drugs.

There are no scary warnings or side effects associated with this product. When I use this, I notice that my flow is much fuller. This is an indication that it is shrinking my prostate and allowing urine to flow freely.

This reduces my constant need to use the bathroom. I purchased this for my stepfather as well since he has issues with constant urination.

He uses it regularly and loves it. Anyone who buys this will certainly get their money’s worth.
Written by David on August 9, 2015

Now that you have seen positive and negative feedback, you will need to decide for yourself if you want to take a chance with your health and buy this product. 

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