Prostate Draining Technique – How to Drain Prostate Gland

prostate drainageIf you want your prostate to remain healthy, then you have come to the right place as we will be discussing how to drain the prostate and the benefits of doing so.

Prostate draining is a form of massage that is used to treat a painful or swollen prostate gland or to maintain its general health.

If you have prostatitis, then you could use this technique to alleviate the pain. It’s advisable to massage the prostate for at least two days a week for the best results.

>>> Prostate Massage for Optimal Prostate Health

Self Prostate Drainage

During the process, you simply put a finger into the rectum and gently apply some pressure to the prostate to drain the fluid that’s causing pain.

It sounds easy, but it’s not, especially if this is your first time. In fact, chances are your fingers are too small to reach the location, or you’re not flexible enough to do the procedure by yourself. If the latter is true, you can use a prostate massager. You simply put it on a chair, sit and use your body to do the massage.

Don’t be discouraged or disgusted by the imagination of this technique. It can be very healthy and brings immediate relief when performed properly. It’s not an abnormal thing. In fact, if you ask your doctor, you’ll be surprised that they highly recommend it.

Prostatitis is more often than not treated using drugs, but they are not effective when access is blocked. When the drugs can’t reach the affected region, draining the prostate is advised, and when done properly, it can drain all the fluid stuck in the gland.

This procedure might seem painful and odd, but it isn’t. In fact, most of the people who have tried it say it can actually be pleasurable.

Draining puss from the prostate

The chances of hurting yourself are minimal. However, you may want to ensure that you cut your fingernails and apply gentle pressure to avoid doing any harm. If the prostate is highly infected, then you should avoid the procedure as it may spread the bacteria.

It is also advisable to take high doses of vitamin C(1000mg) about 24 hours before the procedure. This will make the urine more acidic and thus neutralize the liquid.

Always urinate after the procedure in order to flash out the liquid. Also, drink a few glasses of water an hour before the prostate massage to help with urination.

Draining the prostate doesn’t do any harm to the gland, but you may feel a burning sensation when the fluid leaks. When you do the procedure properly, you’ll feel the liquid moving and the little burn is a sign that the massage is working. With more practice you’ll be able to achieve better results and the pain will go away within minutes.

Always use disposable gloves for the massage. You can purchase them from a local pharmacy. There’s no special preparation required, but an ejaculation prior to the massage can be quite helpful. After two or three drains, you should experience a significant improvement.

>>> Prostate Massage for Optimal Prostate Health

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