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UroLift Procedure for Enlarged Prostate Problems

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH is one of the most common problems related to the prostate for men older than 50 years, with medication as the first choice of treatment. UroLift is an alternative treatment option offered for men who suffer from BPH. It offers relief for patients with enlarged prostate symptoms that cause severe […]

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Time to recover

Urolift Recovery Time – How Long?

Do you frequent the bathroom more often than normal? If so, then you may be suffering from prostate issues. Millions of men struggle with the symptoms of an enlarged prostate gland. The most common symptom is the constant urge to go to the bathroom. There are also cases in which the bladder doesn’t empty completely. […]

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urolift procedure price

What are the Costs Involved for the Urolift Procedure?

There are 2 parts that should be considered when determining the Urolift cost for the procedure. The 1st part is regarding the professional fee that the urologist with charge to perform the procedure. When an Urolift procedure will be performed in an Doctor’s office setting, the charges will generally include nursing costs, facility costs and […]

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Image of the urolift procedure

Urolift Side Effects and Complications

Urolift is a ground breaking surgical procedure and one of the latest BPH treatments available to patients. Many BPH sufferers are attracted to this procedure and need to be educated regarding Urolift complications and side effects. It is a procedure that has clearance from the FDA. However, Urolift isn’t the only surgical procedure for an […]

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Diagram of How UroLift Works

What Are The Experiences of Others? – Urolift Reviewed

If you’re suffering from BPH then you’re probably fed up with the same old solutions popping up in  your face. Surgery such as TURP with it’s potential complications. Medications that cause more issues than they actually solve. Finding the right natural remedy that actually works. Up until now, those were the basic treatments available to BPH […]

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urolift implant procedure

Urolift Implant Information

The Urolift implant procedure is a breakthrough new development that gives relief to patients suffering with BPH. This procedure is FDA cleared and is currently available in the following countries: United States Europe Canada Australia Click Here: Discover How Millions of Men Have Treated An enlarged Prostate At Home Without Side Effects and Risky Surgery […]

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